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Hip Lik Group

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Hip Lik Group invested in setting up two production plants in East Malaysia and Myanmar. This significant business expansion further demonstrates our continued leadership and commitment to the clear plastic packaging market, and to serving the needs of our customers.

Just like our Shenzhen facility, the new production plants will be vertically integrated, with extruders to produce its own premium quality box grade plastics. It will also have a full complement of state-of-the-art printing and Soft Crease converting equipment, assuring the production of the same premium-quality plastic packaging that our customers from around the globe have come to expect from our Shenzhen facility. Having a second operation with completely redundant capabilities will make us an even better supplier to our customers. And like Shenzhen, the plants will produce single-user PPE face shields for use by healthcare professionals.

Our production plants in East Malaysia and Myanmar will have all of the same internationally-recognized quality system, environmental, safety, and supply chain certifications as our Shenzhen operation. In addition, the operation will be carbon-neutral, with clean electrical power generated by a 100% renewable and sustainable biomass facility to be located on the premises. We believe that our expansion in Malaysia and Myanmar will satisfy our company’s anticipated sales growth with a minimal environmental footprint, while making a significant contribution to the local economy. The new facility is expected to be fully operational by 2021.

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